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Arbitration, Alternative  Dispute Resolution.

Arbitration and ADR play an extremely crucial role in the settlement of conflicts outside traditional courts in India. This legal system contains a number of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms like arbitration and conciliation stipulated under Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (ACA) for both domestic as well as international cases.

One of the most important advantages which can be achieved by implementing arbitration and ADR in India is a short period of settling up disputes as opposed to prolonged litigations. In addition, the confidentiality associated with arbitration and ADR hearings is what makes them different from public court proceedings. The same privilege is enjoyed by arbitral or ADR dealings whereby arbitrators or mediators who are familiar with the area of dispute can be chosen.

​Besides, the arbitration and ADR methods are also dynamic enough to allow parties to alter the proceedings according to their specific needs and interests. This flexibility results in a more effective and successful resolution.

​If you get into a dispute in India and are thinking about arbitration or ADR as an alternative for litigation, the best firm that you need to consult is Adhivakta Law Chamber which specialises in this type of law. A competent lawyer from the Adhivakta law chamber will guide you through this process and will be able to help you reach a satisfactory result.

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