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   Competition and Antitrust Law  

Competition and antitrust law in India are crucial elements in maintaining a fair and competitive marketplace. Governed by the Competition Act, 2002 (CA), this legal framework aims to foster competition and curb anticompetitive practices. Administered by the Competition Commission of India (CCI), the CA plays a pivotal role in regulating business conduct.


Key Provisions of the Competition Act, 2002:

  1. Prohibitions on Anticompetitive Agreements: The CA strictly prohibits agreements between enterprises that hinder competition, whether by prevention, restriction, or distortion.

  2. Abuse of Dominance: Enterprises holding a dominant market position are prohibited from engaging in conduct that harms competition. This includes practices such as price-fixing, bid-rigging, and market abuse.

  3. Merger Control: The CA mandates enterprises planning to merge or acquire another entity to notify the CCI. Clearance from the CCI is required if the merger or acquisition may adversely impact competition.

If your business or legal issues are entangled with competition and antitrust law in India, seeking advice from an experienced lawyer is imperative. A knowledgeable lawyer familiar with the intricacies of the CA and CCI's regulations can provide valuable guidance.

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